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What is 1xbet?

What is 1xbet?

1xbet is an online betting house that differs from the others, since its betting model is based on the method of betting for and against, that will be known as «exchange bets», making it a kind of stock exchange of securities for the purchase and sale of bets in real time .

At 1xbet, bettors bet for and against certain results, but in reality, they are betting some users against others. Whereas in a traditional bookmaker you bet against the operator, in the case of 1xbet, you bet against the forecast of other bettors.

Register with 1xbet

  1. Access the main 1xbet website .
  2. On the upper edge are the login boxes, and next to them the «Register» button.
  3. We push on it and we go directly to the page to enter data.

Example 1xbet Registration Form

Sports betting at 1xbet

  • There are 6 parts that this house is divided into Sportsbook ( which are pre-match and live bets), Exchange (cross bets), Casino, Live Casino, Slots and Poker.
  • In the betting we have on one side the most important matches of the day and below the outstanding competitions. In the center are the meetings that are being held at that time.
  • If we are looking for a less known sport or competition, in the upper left corner we have the drop-down «All sports» where we can find precisely what we are looking for.
  • As we have it, we push on the share of the result that interests us and the window opens to indicate the amount to bet and close the play.

регистрация в 1xbet➤ GO TO THE REGISTRATION PAGE

Offers and odds on 1xbet

With a very ‘British’ mentality, 1xbet highlights sports such as horse racing and, of course, football , where it puts at our disposal competitions of the importance of the Liga BBVA, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, Copa del Rey, etc …
It is also possible to find on 1xbet practically all the events and sports that stand out internationally, with odds well above the average, since the odds vary depending on the bettors and not on the «bookie» itself.

In this case, it is necessary to make a special mention of the horse racing betting market, since 1xbet offers dozens of races daily,something that does not happen in virtually any other bookmaker. Furthermore, the vast majority of 1xbet horse racing can amount to more than € 1 million in betting liquidity, a figure that demonstrates the enormous potential of the sport, primarily in the UK.

Thus, for folks who want to bet on horse racing, 1xbet is by far the best solution on the market, as it offers an infinite range statistical data and specialized platforms for the analysis of the Jockeys and the horses present in the vast majority of the main races.

Another advantage of 1xbet is that it offers above-average odds on the market, making horse racing even more attractive to both experienced and beginner bettors.

1xbet’s business model is governed by a ‘win-win’ situation, that is, when a bettor wins a bet, 1xbet retains a small percentage of the profit (between 2 and 5%), therefore, the The operator will always try to ensure that the largest range bettors obtain the highest possible profit.

1xbet odern version

1xbet Live Betting

1xbet offers a more than acceptable live betting service, so that we need the possibility to bet although the event is taking place, as well as access them directly from the main menu, to know what events are being played at all times.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the ‘cash out’ function, which allows us, depending on how a certain match is going, to close a bet before the end of the event to ensure profits, or to limit possible losses.

Taxes and taxation in Spanish territory

As in the rest of the bookmakers operating in Spain, if we are 1xbet Spain players we will have to declare the winnings as an increase in equity as long as we are obliged to declare. If it is not, up to € 1,000 in benefits we may not file a statement.

1xbet Spain welcome bonus for new users

As we enter the 1xbet website, we must access the registration area from the link located at the top of the page. There, a form will appear where we must enter all our personal data to register as a new user and where the promotional code will already appear registered. Subsequently, from our user account, we will proceed to make the first deposit using any of the available payment methods.

Thanks to the 1xbet welcome bonusWe can receive € 100 of balance, but for this, we must make five simple bets with different selections of a minimum amount of € 10 each and a minimum fee of 1.5, taking into account that we need a maximum period of up to 30 days from registration to place these bets, or otherwise, said bonus will expire.

After concluding the events in which we have placed our first bets, regardless of whether they are winners or losers, 1xbet will enable us a new bet for an amount of € 20. This action are repeated up to five times, each time we make four bets, reaching a total amount of up to € 100.

Finally, it must be remembered that we need a period of 3 months from the completion of the registration to place these bets, or otherwise, the bonus will be canceled.

Take advantage of the 1xbet bonus

Functionality and navigation of the 1xbet website

The 1xbet betting portal offers an intuitive design and easy-to-use navigation menus , once you know how it works, as it can be slightly confusing at first for the novice bettor.

In this case, in the upper part we can move between sports betting, exchange bets, online and mobile casino; while in the menu immediately below we can access the different sports and their news blog.

In this sense, it should be noted that the web portal attaches great importance to redemption promotions and exchange bets, as well as the ‘Cash Out’ and ‘Turbo Quota’ functions, since all of them are the elements that differentiate it. from the rest of bookmakers.

On the other hand, we will also have the possibility to consult all kinds of live scores on the events that are being played at that precise moment, as well as the statistics on any event in which we are interested in betting.

Example mobile version of 1xbet


1xbet for Android and iPhone

The 1xbet application works the same as mobile browsing as it automatically adapts to the size of devices.

It is a «mobile» version and in any case it will not be necessary to do any installation, it is only necessary to have internet.

How to download 1xbet on a mobile or iPhone?

We can access the AZ menu from our mobile phone, and just above the list of sports to bet on we will see 3 icons, the Exchange (cross bets) the casino and the

1xbet deposits and withdrawals

In order to play with 1xbet it is essential to have a balance and as methods we would have the following:

— Credit and debit cards.
— Digital means of transactions such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Trustly.
— The paysafecard.
— Ordinary bank transfer.

1xbet customer support and security

1xbet provides excellent customer service, which offers communication by online chat, telephone and e-mail. In addition, all these attention and consultation systems work quickly and efficiently.

Regarding its reliability, thousands of users trust 1xbet as one of the most reliable betting websites on the market, since because the creation of the web portal, there have been no known cases of security breaches or episodes of impossibility of payment to the customers.

In addition, all communications made with 1xbet, as well as all personal data entered into the operator, are protected under an encryption system, which can be verified by observing a small padlock in the browser’s navigation bar, which which guarantees that the aforementioned protection is being applied.

How to contact 1xbet Spain?

-The online chat, which has a average response time of only 60 seconds
-The telephone, that will be just as fast as the chat
-And the email, that will be estimated to take 8 hours to be answered.

Frequently asked questions about 1xbet Spain

🤔 What are 1xbet exchange bets?

The exchange 1xbet bets are a definite type of bet in which the player, besides giving the option of betting in the usual way, you are given the option to perform the function of the bookmaker. They are called cross bets and they are very popular on 1xbet .

🤙 Is there a welcome bonus on 1xbet?

1xbet offers a welcome bonus for its new users consisting of € 100 in free bets, spread over 5 bonuses of € 20 each. To obtain it, it’s going to be necessary to enter the promotional code ZAB444 .

🧐 What is 1xbet Edge Insurance?

The Edge 1xbet insurance applies only upwards and its function is to cover the player before the situation so uncomfortable to fail because the combined single selection, returning the combined amount if it happens. In return, the fee will be slightly reduced.

🤞 What is the 1xbet Cash Out feature?

1xbet’s cash out allows the player to close a bet before the match is over, at the cost of reducing the fee. It works as an insurance against a match in which it is successful, finally change sign.

🤗 Can I play at 1xbet Casino with my account?

Yes, of course, you can play at the 1xbet casino as a sports betting player and without changing your account or having to create a new one. For the convenience of users and to make things easier for them, from a 1xbet account you can play both bets and casino.

⚾ Can I follow an event live on 1xbet?

1xbet has a system to follow live matches in which you can find out in a simplified way which team has the ball, if it attacks with greater or lesser danger, if there is a corner, a penalty or a card. Some matches are followed with live images.

🤳 Does 1xbet have a mobile app?

1xbet offers its customers an application to play on mobile devices , being available on iPhone and Android. From the application you can follow live games, bet as from a PC or make use of the tools «Cash Out» and «Safe Edge».

🧡 Is it safe to place bets on 1xbet?

Yes, it is safe to place bets on 1xbet . This is indicated by the ‘Confianza Online’ seal located at the bottom of the screen. It is a quality mark for websites in Spain that guarantees transparency and trust, and only those pages that meet certain requirements shine.


  • The possibility of playing cross bets.
  • Very high fees.
  • It has non-sports markets that are not seen in almost any other room.


  • Aesthetically unappealing.
  • Cross bets are limited to Spanish users, so except in very important matches they do not usually have such a large volume as to make betting palatable.

Conclusion of the analysis of 1xbet Spain

Ultimately, we can conclude that 1xbet is a special bookmaker , which works in unique way and offers different things from the rest, both positive and negative.

This is because 1xbet basically works as a stock market, in which there are users who bet for and against a certain result, with someone winning on profits and someone winning on the adversary’s losses.

In this case, we have the possibility of improving the odds with respect to other bookmakers , making an attractive bet proposal, however, if it is not realistic, it will not be accepted, and therefore, we will not have the opportunity to bet.

Regarding its design, it is a complex website at the beginning but simple once it is known, having the possibility of accessing all kinds of functions and services with a few clicks. In addition, it has a wide catalog of different markets to bet on, that will be essential when choosing an online bookmaker.

Finally, it only remains to mention that 1xbet is a really excellent option if our goal is exchange bets and move away from traditional sports betting against operators.